About Us

Boneiru Duradero and
WWF Netherlands

Boneiru Duradero (Sustainable Bonaire) is a small-scale initiative focused on creating awareness on Bonaire by developing and implementing concrete “GREEN” projects that provide local people with a clear action perspective.

Boneiru Duradero (BD) receives funding from the World Wide Fund for Nature in the Netherlands (WWF-NL).

For more information visit the Boneiru Duradero Portal on Facebook.

leave nothing but footprints drawn in the sand

Our Progams

We invest in a wide range of projects like: clean-ups, plastic recycling, single-use plastic reduction, sunscreen awareness, sustainable markets and nature education.


Our Partners

Boneiru Duradero has joined forces with the Public Entity of Bonaire (Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire) and waste management company Selibon.


Our Photographers

With thanks to Casper Douma (Casper Douma Photography), Marcel van der Kamp (Skyview Bonaire) and Emieck de Goede (True Media & Culture).