Processes to manage Coronavirus related risk


Handwashing with soap and water is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection.

hand-sanitiser next to sign chill and sanitize

Hand sanitizing

Sanitizer stations can be placed strategically around your business premises. Choose refillable dispensing systems (ideally automatic/touch free) rather than individual bottles with hand pumps.

If a dispensing system is not an option for your business, choose large bottles, ideally those that can be refilled if possible. This will reduce the overall volume of plastic you consume.

Remember to clean dispensing systems or bottles regularly.  If you do use bottles, remove the pump prior to separating bottles for recycling (pumps are not widely recycled, check with your local waste disposal about the best way to responsibly dispose of them).


Coronavirus is primarily an airborne infection. Keeping windows and doors open to maintain the flow of air through your premises significantly reduces the risk of transmission.